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Recommended Reading for Students Interested in Economics: 
For new Economics students 
For intermediate Economics students 
For advanced Economics students
Seminars & Internships Students for Students Interested in Economics: 

Institute for Humane Studies


Independent Institute


Mercatus Center


Foundation for Economic Education


Institute of Economic Affairs


American Enterprise Institute


Cato Institute


Mises Institute


Property and Environment Research Center

Essay Contests for Economics Students: 
Carl Menger Essay Contest 
International Atlantic Economic Society Undergraduate Paper Award 
Association of Private Enterprise Education Undergraduate Research Contest 
Economics Blogs of Interest:  

Life At The Margin


Bleeding Heart Libertarians


Café Hayek




The Conscience of  Liberal




Greg Mankiw’s Blog


Marginal Revolution


Overcoming Bias


Think Markets


Organizations and Markets


The Unbroken Window


Law of Markets


Cato – Debate


The Freeman

Academic Journals & Professional Associations: 

American Economic Association


American Economic Review


American Law & Economics Association


Association of Private Enterprise Education


Critical Review


Eastern Economics Association


Econ Journal Watch


Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization


Journal of Economic Literature


Journal of Law & Economics


Journal of Political Economy


Public Choice Society


Quarterly Journal of Economics


Review of Austrian Economics


Southern Economic Association


Southern Economics Journal


Western Economics Association

Economics & Philosophy

Philosophy of Science 


Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics


Brookings Econ Research




Liberty Fund


Ronald Coase Institute


Society for the Development of Austrian Economics


Hoover Institute

Mont Pelerin Society

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